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Teruteru on TDTI
Name: TeruTeru
Mini bio: Teruteru can be seen hitting on anyone near him, male and female alike
Likes: his mother
Dislikes:junk food
Talents: cooking
Fears: losing his mother
to a disease
label:The Ultimate Chef 
TeruTeru on his andaudition tape: why would I be on total drama well look at me i'm the Ultimate Cook... But, could you guys call me the Ultimate Chef instead? It has more of a...big-city flavor to it, you know? I could make meat on a bone that will melt your tastebuds i garontee but why I really want to be on this show is my mama is in the hospital will come back home in a week so when I win I want to get a restaurant so I can't help mama out she did all the hard work at the restaurant so I want to do the same thing!
Jack Rider
Gender: male
Age:18 (physically)  1,010 (real age)
Friends: Data busters
Rivals: Touka Kirishima
Enemies:The Great Diamond Authority
Type: Anti-Hero (Formerly)
         Hero (Currently)

Weapons: his mechanical arm (as a swiss army like arm)
Family: Simon Petrikov (adopted father)
Marceline Abadeer 
(adopted sister)
Girlfriend(s): Lapis Lazuli (roommate/love interest)
Peridot (roommate/love interest)
Theme: Bird of Paradise from ninja slayer
Home world: Land of Ooo
Bio: Jack grown up with Marceline they where childhood friends but when Marcey turned into a vampire the only way he would stay with Marceline is by him freezing himself but the side effect of the cryogenic pods if you use too much it freeze your cells which happend to Jack he became immortal which drinking alcohol & smoking won't do damage to him but he did lost his arm in Most Dangerous World Imaginable when he tried to save Penn's parents so he join the data busters to hunt down any bad guys but he always act like the tough guy to get information from villains but deep down he cares about his friends
Chef Vladimir
Chef Vladimir is from Total Drama Tropical Island he is from Russia & he loves to cook so much that when he lost his hand he replace it with a spatula but he only makes the grosses of gruel he loves the food he makes but it makes everyone puke if they eat it but he is not to be mess with when someone tries to go to his kitchen without permission would say I must break you also he has a scar & a glass eye on the right side of his face & he has a gold tooth

Kamen Rider Build: Devil Cyborg Form
this fan form is base off Cyborg 009 VS Devilman where these to shows finally meets & since Build is to powers combine together this seem perfect also the green eye is a demon and yellow eye is the super gun from Cyborg 009 & this is the 1st fan form for Kamen Rider Build 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

so yeah I've been tagged by Wutisgoodindahood who had also tagged twelve other Deviants of his choice & now I have to write my answers for the choices he  gave me but here's the rules

    1. Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
  2. Write 13 things about yourself.
   3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. 
   4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
  5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
  6. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
  7. No tagging back.

so here's 13 facts about me
1.I have autism
2.I like Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe
3.I love anime in fact I was watching anime when I was a little kid
4.I have 3 dogs 2 westies & a poodle Chihuahua hybrid
5.I have a alot of video game consoles including the Nintendo Switch
6.I love the Japanese show called Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
7.I love the anime Monster Musume
I was a Hillary supporter until Donald Trump won the election (DAMN YOU TRUMP!!!!!!!!!)
9.I love DA Games' song Build our Machine
10.I watch American Dad & liked it better than Family Guy
11.Steven Universe is my favorite show ever in American favorite movie when I was a kid is The Secret of NIMH favorite Despicable Me character is Balthazar Bratt because he's funny & voiced by Trey Parker

Participation is optional. Whether you like to partake in this activity or not is up to you.

So now with the thirteen facts about me complete, I will now complete the thirteen questions provided by my tagger:
1.) What do you think is the most important detail when it comes to your art?

The colors cause the picture looks better with colors.

2.) What is the hardest thing for you to draw?
Hands those are always hard

3.) Who is your favourite Anime, Video Game, and Book character? Choose one of each.

My favorite Anime Character is Zombina from Monster Musume,
my favorite Video Game is from Overwatch,
and my favorite Book character? is Spider man from all Spider man comics

4.) Were you a Hillary or Trump supporter before the election?

I'm a Hillary supporter. until that fatass Donald Trump won! > : (

5.) What inspires you to be an artist/writer?

My family.

6.) What is your dream car?


7.) Do you believe in such things as Ghosts, Aliens, or Monsters?

I used to when I was little.

8.) What would you do to your boss if you won the lottery?

Chase him while I'm in an attack chopper & I will be saying (oh how the tables have turn you fat F@%K! DIE DIE!) but i won't really kill him I just want to scare him.

9.) How old were you when you were interested in art/writing, if you remember? Why?

When I was like 5. Cause I can't make things that show how I feel

10.) Who is your favourite Deviant?

My Favorite Deviant is Andrew Dickman.

11.) Are you a sports person?

12.) If you had a time machine, what three things would you do?

1.Slap Trump in his face before he became president
2.Tell Robin Williams I loved his work
3.hug Adam West

13.) What is your favourite shipping?
Lapis Lazuli & Peridot from Steven Universe

Now, here are the thirteen Deviants who I will tag:
And here are the thirteen questions provided:
1.) Who's your favorite character from Rooster teeth's Camp Camp?
2.) if you have any power what would you have?
3.) what is your favorite anime?
4.) what is your main character in the Nintendo game ARMS?
5.) would you play Splatoon 2?
6.) who would win in a weird off Bill Cipher or Mayor West?
7.) what is your favorite dessert?
8.) who is your mortal enemy?
9.) do you ever had a WHAT HAVE I DONE! moment?
10.) who's your favorite hero & villain?
11.) who's your favorite Gem?
12.) what's your favorite South Park episode?
13.) what's your most favorite song?

I will leave a comment to inform these deviants to partake in such a fun activity. See ya


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