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I remember watching Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School & it was my favorite movie it was funny & amazing I love this every time I love you...



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Artist | Digital Art
United States
my most favorite character -> Chihiro Fujisaki Stamp by MissToxicSlime


Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Insectornite 

Alias: The Plague Doctor (by Kiyoko) A Giant Bug (Akio)
Allies: The Great Diamond Authority,Pet Shop
Enemies: Starlight Academy,Iggy,Akio
Archenemy: Kazemon
Type: Villain 
Rank: Yellow Scout/Spy
Abilities: Flight,Disease Manipulation,Blood Empowerment,DNA Absorption
Weapons: Proboscis
Moves: Drain Strike,Plague Swarm,Air Dive,Berserk Mode (only if his abdomen is filed to %100 with blood)  
Final Attack: Zika Dash,Zika Dash Δ (
Zika Dash Δ can only be used in Berserk Mode)
Home world: Toxicora
Likes: Blood,Serving Yellow Diamond with no question asked. 
Dislikes: Being compared to earth insects.
Bio: Mosqata is an Insectornite a Mechanical Insect like creature from a chemical planet known as Toxicora he well serve Yellow Diamond no matter what.He was sent to earth to help the stand user Pet Shop. While he was on his mission he grab a bite to eat he was caught by Iggy & some of the heroes. He wanted to leave with the DNA he gathered until Akio called him a giant bug which he finally snapped.He & Pet Shop attack our heroes he did survive the fight,but this is not the last time. He will be back.
Kamen Rider Arsene
Name: Hideyo Kurita
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Team mates: Uzume (Formerly)
                   Ryuga Banjou  (Temporary)
                   Fubuki (Currently)
Date of Birth: February 28th
Rider Type: Hero (in reality)
                 Villain (only to the police)

Henshin Theme: "Crushed,Oozing,Cracking! (Jazz Music) Masquerade in Arsene Buraa!"

Equipment: Sclash Driver - Transformation device.
                Masquerade Fullbottle - Transformation trinket.
Weapons: Lupin Pistol
               Cane Rapier
               Twin Breaker
Rider Statistics:
Rider Height: 204.0 cm
Rider Weight: 115.3 kg
Ability Perimeters:
Punching Power: 17.2 tons
Kicking Power: 20.6 tons
Maximum Jump Height: 50.0 m
Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 2.3 sec

Scrap Finish: Pistol Storm (millions of Lupin Pistols sourounds the enemy with Arsene super speed he grabs each gun & fires one at a time until the enemy's arms & legs cripplized leaving one gun left pointed at their head  Aesene bids them adieu before pulling the trigger)
                 Big Bang Shot (Aesene holds alot of energy in the Lupin Pistol till it was enough to kill the enemy)
         Lance Strike (Fabric came out of nowhere covering the Can Rapier to form into a lance to strike at the enemy with full force)
Twin Breaker finishers:
Beam Mode: (Twin Finish: 
Masquerade + Gatling) Casino Rain  (the combo of the Masquerade & Gatling fullbottles  allows him to have a Gatling Gun made of Jelly that shoots energy like bullets)
Bio: Hideyo wants to save his home Seito so a mysterious figure gave him the belt & fullbottle he became Kamen Rider Arsene to steal villains most prized possessions but if the sins of that villain is too great he will execute that villain he used to work with along side Uzume until the accident he temporary worked with Banjou & finally he is now match up with Fubuki although some police think his a villian but others like M.O.N know he's a hero.

(base belongs to :iconollytrinity1397: OllyTrinity1397)


Japanese Name: 

User: Johnny Joestar  (formerly)                    
        Mac Fleetwood (currently)

Namesake: Tusk (Fleetwood Mac Song/Album)
Stats: Destructive Power: E→D→D→A
                           Speed: E→D→D→B
                           Range: D→B→B→A
                           Durability: B→C→D→A
                           Precision: E→C→C→B
                           Development Potential: A→A→A→E

Type: Evolved Stand

Close-Range Stand (ACT1)
Long-Distance Stand (ACT2 & ACT3)
Range Irrelevant Stand (ACT4)


Tusk ACT 2


Spinnig Nails 

Tusk ACT 2


Golden Rectangle Nails 

Tusk ACT 3


Spatial Wormhole 

Tusk ACT 4


Infinite Rotation

Mac (ACT 4)
Alias:Mac Fleetwood/Fi
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Allies: Dendy,North Star,Linkara
Team: The Data Busters
Enemies: The Great Diamond Authority
Type: Hero
Stand: Tusk (ACT 4)
Corpse Part: Left Arm
Home world: Ogikubo (Space Patrol LuLuco)/Skyloft (Legend Of Zelda)
Bio: This is the true power of both Master & Guardian with this power Mac will make a strategy to win the battle in fact  Big Mom wants the corpse part because of that power & will kill anyone for that corpse part but Mac & Fi won't let her.This form was made to defeat Big Mom & anyone who is filled with malice 
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Allies: The friends of her master
Team: The Data Busters
Enemies: The Great Diamond Authority
Type: Hero
Corpse Part: Left Arm
Master: Link (Legend Of Zelda)
            Mac Fleetwood (Fusion Chronicles) 
Family:  Hylia (creator)
             Unknown siblings
             Trigon (Older Brother)
Home world: Skyloft
Bio: (Fusion Chronicles version) About 1,000 years ago Fi & her siblings were created to protect the corpse parts.Until her Older Brother Trigon was posses with great evil after he is consumed by evil he declared war.Years later all of them died but only psychically cause thanks to the corpse parts  they lived on forever finding they're own chosen one.Which on that day she found Mac & deep down she knew he's the one 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

so yeah I've been tagged by Wutisgoodindahood who had also tagged twelve other Deviants of his choice & now I have to write my answers for the choices he  gave me but here's the rules

    1. Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
  2. Write 13 things about yourself.
   3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. 
   4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
  5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
  6. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
  7. No tagging back.

so here's 13 facts about me
1.I have autism
2.I like Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe
3.I love anime in fact I was watching anime when I was a little kid
4.I have 3 dogs 2 westies & a poodle Chihuahua hybrid
5.I have a alot of video game consoles including the Nintendo Switch
6.I love the Japanese show called Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
7.I love the anime Monster Musume
I was a Hillary supporter until Donald Trump won the election (DAMN YOU TRUMP!!!!!!!!!)
9.I love DA Games' song Build our Machine
10.I watch American Dad & liked it better than Family Guy
11.Steven Universe is my favorite show ever in American favorite movie when I was a kid is The Secret of NIMH favorite Despicable Me character is Balthazar Bratt because he's funny & voiced by Trey Parker

Participation is optional. Whether you like to partake in this activity or not is up to you.

So now with the thirteen facts about me complete, I will now complete the thirteen questions provided by my tagger:
1.) What do you think is the most important detail when it comes to your art?

The colors cause the picture looks better with colors.

2.) What is the hardest thing for you to draw?
Hands those are always hard

3.) Who is your favourite Anime, Video Game, and Book character? Choose one of each.

My favorite Anime Character is Zombina from Monster Musume,
my favorite Video Game is from Overwatch,
and my favorite Book character? is Spider man from all Spider man comics

4.) Were you a Hillary or Trump supporter before the election?

I'm a Hillary supporter. until that fatass Donald Trump won! > : (

5.) What inspires you to be an artist/writer?

My family.

6.) What is your dream car?


7.) Do you believe in such things as Ghosts, Aliens, or Monsters?

I used to when I was little.

8.) What would you do to your boss if you won the lottery?

Chase him while I'm in an attack chopper & I will be saying (oh how the tables have turn you fat F@%K! DIE DIE!) but i won't really kill him I just want to scare him.

9.) How old were you when you were interested in art/writing, if you remember? Why?

When I was like 5. Cause I can't make things that show how I feel

10.) Who is your favourite Deviant?

My Favorite Deviant is Andrew Dickman.

11.) Are you a sports person?

12.) If you had a time machine, what three things would you do?

1.Slap Trump in his face before he became president
2.Tell Robin Williams I loved his work
3.hug Adam West

13.) What is your favourite shipping?
Lapis Lazuli & Peridot from Steven Universe

Now, here are the thirteen Deviants who I will tag:
And here are the thirteen questions provided:
1.) Who's your favorite character from Rooster teeth's Camp Camp?
2.) if you have any power what would you have?
3.) what is your favorite anime?
4.) what is your main character in the Nintendo game ARMS?
5.) would you play Splatoon 2?
6.) who would win in a weird off Bill Cipher or Mayor West?
7.) what is your favorite dessert?
8.) who is your mortal enemy?
9.) do you ever had a WHAT HAVE I DONE! moment?
10.) who's your favorite hero & villain?
11.) who's your favorite Gem?
12.) what's your favorite South Park episode?
13.) what's your most favorite song?

I will leave a comment to inform these deviants to partake in such a fun activity. See ya



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